Tuesday, February 1, 2011

steady but slow

i knitted almost all day on Saturday and got the facing done. It is a little hard to see the cabling pattern clearly because of the shade of the yarn, I think, but I am pleased. I made a cable-mistake very early on but didn't notice it until I was almost done with the 27-inch strip. So I decided just to leave it as a little mair-flaw. I have a little mair-flaw like that in almost every cabling piece I have done. Hopefully, that will be the only one! I liken it to that artist that writes NINA in his pics - something for others to have fun looking for.

It was wonderful to have an entire day just to knit. It has been a VERY long time since that happened - since I picked up this second job, actually. But with the long weekend and the fact that I didn't have any overdue reports (for once), I was able to take the day and enjoy the cabling. Although - somebody posted that cables done without cable needles actually come out somewhat differently than those done with them. And here i was all proud of the fact that I have finally learned how to cable without needing the special needle! Maybe for the next spate of cabling, I'll dredge up my Harmony cable needle (wish they still made those!) and use it.

I've started on the hood proper. I'm doing the "boxes" for I love the symbolism and I appreciate the weave pattern as I am not a huge fan of long stretches of purling, which you get with stockinette stitch. However, I am still considering ways of being able to do the special back part of the hood. LOL - that is me, wanting to do it all!

Now, if only I can convince both my jobs that really, my time is better spent knitting....

Pics have been taken. They will be posted as soon as I find that bloody cord (or get out to Walmart for an SD card reader).

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